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Her Many Voices Foundation’s has partnered with The Neurosculpting Institute to create it’s very first women’s Refugee Ambassador 

program, providing a platform to train refugee and Indigenous women from various populations in the techniques of stress and trauma relief.



Refugees who are victims of trauma including natural disaster, human-inflicted violence, or trauma as a result of displacement, suffer devastating physical, emotional, and social health consequences, but often have little or no access to mental health services that can help them deal with and recover from their loss or tragedy. In the past five years, Denver area refugee services have seen a dramatic increase in cases arriving with severe and persistent mental health needs including unresolved trauma resulting in Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Disorder (PTSD). These disorders create barriers to assimilation into the American culture, ability to learn English, and ability to find and maintain employment. Working in concert with the Neurosculpting® Institute, Her Many Voices Foundation has launched its “Refugee Ambassador” program, training refugee women from various refugee populations, including Indigenous women, in techniques of stress and trauma relief. Upon completion of this 9-month Neurosculpting® certification program, these refugee women will become “Ambassadors” for the program, training groups of women of their own nationality, teaching other traumatized women techniques to retrain stress patterns, and lowering the social and psychological effects of trauma.

The goals of this program are to educate these Ambassadors to teach trauma-based Neurosculpting® exercises and lifestyle practices to those in need who have suffered from sex trafficking, domestic violence, institutional violence, genocide, rape, and mental, emotional and physical trauma.

We believe the cost to send our eight Ambassadors through the full completion of this program should not be a deterrant to the healing and support these traumatized communities desperately need. Your generous donations are helping to change individual lives and communities.

Current domestic communities served by these Ambassadors include:
Denver-based assimilating refugee communities,Indigenous Nation communities and impoverished Latin-American immigrant communities.

Current global communities served by these Ambassadors include:
Latin America
Native Nations

Your funds are paying for 80% of the tuition and education supplies
for each woman,

plus international travel and housing for non US-based Ambassadors.

All donations are tax-deductible.                                                                                                                               

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