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Saint Alfonse de Cadet ~ Trou ChouChou, Haiti

In Haiti, all public and private schools charge tuition, and so the poor are barred from education. In an area as destitute as Trou ChouChou where parents can’t pay tuition, it is often impossible for communities to pay salaries to attract and retain teachers.  HMVF's response was to assist in building a primary school in Trou ChouChou and committ to providing salaries for the teachers and materials to the school.  We are proud to say that we have 185 primary students enrolled in Staint Alfonse de Cadet and we have devised a sustainable plan to provide nourishing food to both the primary and secondary schools, in total, over 350 students. HMVF's Intergenerational Agricultural Program was launched by a partnership with community elders this year. This program is helping to sustain Staint Alfonse de Cadet and the community at-large, providing food and commerce..

Her Many Voices Foundation’s mission in Trou ChouChou, is to alleviate the extreme poverty (only about $1 a day), decrease the hunger, while empowering the women. HMVF’s focus is based on the stark reality that 44% of all households in Haiti are headed by females and 60% of those households live in extreme poverty. An all pervasive concern is accomplishing these objectives in an ecological sustainable manner.

Trou ChouChou is comprised of 17 villages-about 17,00 people. HMVF works with a collaboration of six women’s organizations-involving more than 300 women. These organizations focus on key areas of the economic life of the community: tourism, agri-farming, goat farming, and commerce. .

Agriculture and Sustainability