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Alicia Fall has been an educator, performing artists and public speaker for over 30 years, addressing humanitarian issues. Ms Fall is a TEDx Talk presenter, a recipient of the New York State Assembly Citation Award, board member for the Colorado Coalition for Genocide Awareness & Action, and board member for Tiyospaye Winyan Maka, both as a representative for Indigenous Peoples.

Pedro Luis Castaño likes to think and act out of the box. He went from full-time musician to Cryptologic Technician, qualified in Submarines, receiving an honorable discharge after serving 8 years in the Navy. He's done everything from  sharing the stage with members of the James Brown Band, to being apart of the Equal Opportunity Command Training Team during the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."  He's spent time in Bahrain, Morocco, Dubai, Columbia, Thailand, Jordan, Croatia, Turkey,  and other locations throughout Europe. Eventually, he landed in Italy where he lived for 5 years and has recently moved back to his homeland, Colorado. Pedro speaks Spanish, English and Italian.

Logan Haynsworth 

Grant Writer

Ms Ivey is an Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Vocalist, National Touring Artist, Certified NeuroSculpting Facilitator and 

Motivational Speaker, specializing in 

addressing the needs of refugee, low income and at risk students of all ages and abilities.

Logan is a native Texas who moved to Colorado to pursue her bachelors in Ethnic Studies and Political Science. With 10 years of social justice organizing experience, Logan has worked on causes including, but not limited to genocide prevention and education, women's issues, and most recently, her work with the Sex Workers Outreach Project. Logan is also a dedicated yogi and is currently pursuing her yoga teacher training certificate in effort to help PTSD survivors holistically overcome their trauma.

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