Farming hemp hurd has the power to strengthen Haitian communities from within.

We're Using Hemp To


Provide Community Education 


Enrich the soil for the next crop rotation

Build safe, sanitary toilets, homes and schools​


Provide nutrient rich food such as seeds and flour 


Produce textile fibers for production of paper, clothing and rope​


​Provide valuable medicine


$40 buys

enough seed to plant one acre

40 toilets

Can be built to service 4,600 people

$40 buys

enough seed to plant one acre

$12 buys

1 pound of food grade seeds at market

1 acre

Yields 6-10 tons of hemp fiber

120 Days

to harvest

2-3 harvests/yr

8,000 pounds

of seed yields 300 gallons of oil

1 Acre

produces 6,000 pounds of high protein hemp flower

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50 pounds

of hemp seed plants 1 acre of hemp

1 acre

Yields 6-10 tons of hemp fiber