Our Partners

We partner with local and international organizations and businesses to successfully implement grassroots programs for communities in need around the world. Helping communities help themselves through sustainable education and civic education projects.


One of Europe’s pioneering hemp companies, HemPoint grows certified hemp seeds in organic fields in cooperation with local farmers. They also have a reliable network of breeders who are the stewards of a wide variety of hemp seeds.

They also provide Consulting, Research & Development and Hemp Products


Tiyospaye Winyan Maka

Tiyospaye Winyan Maka, a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit, has a strategic vision to address the multitude of issues facing the Lakota and other indigenous people by merging traditional wisdom and values with contemporary regenerative practices, particularly in the building trade.

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I Can Jam Studios

Joshua Abeyta is a dynamic multi-instrumentalist who has studied music since joining concert band to learn trumpet at ten years old. He is an accomplished guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, performing professionally all over Colorado, the United States and Haiti where he helped establish Royalty Free Haiti, a music and music technology program for Haitian youth which employs local musicians, providing both educational and economic opportunities in one of the most impoverished nations in the Western Hemisphere.


Wynne Farm

Wynne Farm Nature Reserve is dedicated to environmental protection through education.


Situated in the mountains of Kenscoff, Haiti, it is a vital part of Haiti's ecosystem which has suffered devastating deforestation leaving only 2% of its forests intact.


Cleo Parker Robinson Dance

CPRD became a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organization in 1974, continuing to build upon its dance school and ensemble origins. In four decades, we have developed into an internationally esteemed organization that operates beyond the traditional performing arts model.


There are four pillars of the organization, namely, the CPRD Ensemble, Academy, Theatre, and Education programs. Working in concert, CPRD programs have created an oasis where a varied population—by gender, race, age and ethnicity—gather to study and appreciate a modern, cross-cultural approach to creative community development. Housed in the historic A.M.E. Shorter Church in Five Points, CPRD serves as a convener of community, art and dance.


Help Hayti

Help Hayti's mission is to provide quality primary education and follow-along services to disadvantaged children in remote communities of Haiti.

Their program; Adopt-A-Community focuses on two fronts: Improving the literacy rate of the child population (age 3+) and decreasing the rate of deforestation.


Neurosculpting® Institute

Hello. My name is Lisa Wimberger and I founded the Neurosculpting® Institute.

It has been my mission to help individuals find healthy ways to navigate the great unknown of spiritual, emotional and mental confusion and stress. We are the masters of our own mindscape. We are the creators of our perceptions and responses to the world. It is time for each of us to learn more about ourselves, to reveal and use our special gifts to paint a new picture.  WE ARE THE STORY TELLERS and this life IS OUR STORY!

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Tamara M. Banks

Insights, lessons & calls to action from 20+ years covering peace & conflict around the globe.

Community Advocacy Center

The Community Advocacy Center Inc established Foundation of Elder Law by providing Preventive Legal Services to the Elderly of New York City and in doing so is formulated to service the preventive legal needs of the elderly by resolving legal issues for seniors before ever entering the court system. The American Bar Association list the Community Advocacy Center Inc as one of the most innovative programs in America.


This Program, “Honor thy Mother & Father”, in collaboration with the support of one of the largest university systems in the united states are working together in developing Preventive Law Services and Educational Programs in neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs of New York City including establishing the Grandparent Resource Center.