Earth Day 2022: A Celebration of Indigenous Wisdom to Face Modern Challenges

This free online event centers the voices of Indigenous People and those who actively share their values and support their efforts to build sustainable, thriving systems- leaders, artists / activists (“Artivists”), musicians, sustainability experts, futurists, performers, environmentalists, hemp growers, and partnering nonprofit organizations from around the world who are joining together to share their wisdom to guide us all in
helping Mother Earth thrive.

Livestreamed on Youtube

Friday, April 22nd, 2022

Headshot of Alicia Fall

Alicia Fall

Denver, Colorado

Her Many Voices Foundation


Headshot of Chief Lee Plenty Wolf

Chief Lee Plenty Wolf


Opening Prayer

Headshot of Rituraj Phukan

Rituraj Phukan

Nagaon, Assam, India

Indigenous People's Climate Justice Forum

Climate Justice at the Grassroots

Headshot of Christinia Eala

Christinia Eala


Tiyospaye Winyan Maka

Our Elders are our Teachers

Headshot of Adriana Paola Palacios Luna

Adriana Paola Palacios Luna

Boulder, Colorado

Luna Cultura, Art, Science and Culture for Thriving Communities

Voces de la Madre Tierra

Headshot of Andris & Débora Visnevskis

Andris & Débora Visnevskis


Obelisk Farm

How to use hemp seeds

Headshot of Attila Suba

Attila Suba


Green Revolution Foundation

The Greatest Story that can exisit...

Brooke Rodriguez

New York City

Grinding Stone Collective

Food Crisis, Climate Change & First Foods

Headshot of Jacob Waddell

Jacob Waddell

Nashville, Tennessee

US Hemp Building Association

Hemp Building for a Better Future

Headshot of Ismael Stjour

Ismael Stjour



From Roots To Wings

Headshot of Love TaShia Asanti

Love TaShia Asanti


Award-Winning Poet, Activist and Author of 7 Books. Founder of the Healing Racism Academy and I Teach Love Institute.

Ennaid Foundation

Under the Ceiba Tree: Black Self Love Chronicles

Headshot of Barbara Coloroso

Barbara Coloroso


Kids are worth it

Antidotes to Hating, Hoarding, and Harming—the three most virulent agents ripping apart the fabric of our humanity.

Headshot of Morris Beegle

Morris Beegle

WAFBA - We Are For Better Alternatives

Better Alternatives

Headshot of Alethea Phillips

Alethea Phillips

Earth Guardians

Indigenous Youth Initiative at Earth Guardians: Centering Youth Voices and Next Gen Leadership

Headshot of Kona Mirabal

Kona Mirabal

Earth Guardians

Indigenous Youth Initiative at Earth Guardians: Centering Youth Voices and Next Gen Leadership

Headshot of Maya Lazarro

Maya Lazarro

Earth Guardians

Indigenous Youth Initiative at Earth Guardians: Centering Youth Voices and Next Gen Leadership

Headshot of Maren Krings

Maren Krings


Maren Krings Photography

Hemp as compass back to nature

Headshot of Towani Clarke

Towani Clarke


Kuthuta LLC

Increasing oneness

Headshot of Harmony Cummings

Harmony Cummings


Green House Connection Center

Green House Connection Center

Headshot of Lisa Montgomery

Lisa Montgomery


Penobscot Consulting Services

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA): The Largest Investment of Resources into Indian Country in History

Headshot of Carmell Clark

Carmell Clark

The ancestral lands of the Ute, Dine' (Navajo), Paiute, Goshute, and Shoshone peoples, Salt Lake City, Utah

Center for Transformational Influence

Don't Discredit the Authentic: Distinguishing credibility outside societal norms

Headshot of Tamara Cantave

Tamara Cantave


Your Wish is Your Command

Headshot of Tommy Nahulu

Tommy Nahulu


Blu Nahulu Art

With Aloha In Our Sails

Headshot of Jason Jacobs

Jason Jacobs

Aotearoa / New Zealand

Te Mana Consortium

Indigenous Innovation / Hauora / Hui Hinengaro

Jeremy Hale


Empowerment Through Crisis - How today's adversity generates tomorrow's opportunities

Headshot of Bill Lauto

Bill Lauto

New York City

Environmental Scientist International Sustainability and Energy Consultant

Going True Green

Sustainability Truth

Headshot of Melissa Ivey

Melissa Ivey


Two spirit Taino Quing

Ivey Productions LLC

Recording Womb

Headshot of Myrna James

Myrna James


Apogeo Spatial Media

A New Sustainable Model of Tourism

Nathan Gray



Protecting Water by Indigenous Nations in Panama

Mary Jane Oatman



Restoring Sacrament during the Green Rush in Plant Medicine

Headshot of Marcus Grignon

Marcus Grignon

Menominee Territory

Hempstead Project Heart

The Art and Power of Storytelling

Headshot of Selah Marley

Selah Marley


Earth Day 2022 Sponsors and Coalition Partners

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