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Indigenous Permaculture

In response to COVID Her Many Voices has partnered with Indigenous Permaculturalist, Shannon Francis to provide garden kits for Indigenous and refugee women in Colorado. Read More


What's New?

HMV Hemp/CBD Product Line!!!

We are so excited to announce the launch of Her Many Voices Hemp and CBD products. These products were created to support our mission to provide sustainable education to women and children and support the positive environmental impact hemp provides to Mother Earth.

When you purchase these amazing Hemp products not only do you get a healthy and delightful product in the mail you also support one of our many projects... like our work to build and supply backyard gardens for local Indigenous women to grow their own food (including hemp, which is a great source of nutrient food).

With your help we're addressing Climate Change with Hemp 

1.3 Billion people

live in Multidimensional Poverty

over 800,000,000 are women and children

Women bear the burden of making every last penny count

We help women elevate their communities through sustainable education

Here's How

We partner with local and international organizations to provide educational opportunities which fuel longterm community stability.

With your help we...

Co-Founded St Alphonse de Cadet in Trou ChouChou, Haiti, providing education for 185 children

• Trained over 200 women with practical skills

which elevate their communities

• Provide protection for one of Haiti's last natural reserves,

Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve

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If you've always wanted to make a difference but don't know where to start, remember no action is too small

We provide practical education for underserved populations

Our community comes together in person and through online events.

Our local and international programs are designed to produce long-term sustainability

Learn about cultures & ecosystems through our educational outreach and sustainable travel program.