What We Do

We listen to the voices of need, determine the best response strategy and then activate a community or coalition solution designed to strengthen the long-term viability of recipients of our aid and programs.

How We Do It

Project by project, we solve small problems that lead to big impacts.


We invest in innovative technologies that draw on traditional practices to serve the needs of Mother Earth. We are currently working with communities in the US and globally to develop skills and access to technology.

Indigenous Wisdom to Face Modern Challenges: Earth Day

Free online event

Thriving Community

Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve

Hemp and Humanity

The Longhouse Project

Indigenous Sustainability

The Sovereign Garden Project


Do with, not for. The communities that we serve participate in the solutions that we champion. We listen to community leaders and individuals about their goals and needs and then bring resources, tools and our partners to support their efforts.

Speaking and Consulting

Refugee Ambassador Program

Elder Care & Grandparent Resource Centers


We center Indigenous voices, knowledge and wisdom. We are committed to the values of cultural appreciation and cultural exchange. We appreciate and value the diversity of cultural experiences that exist and prioritize the importance of cultural exchange. Through listening and learning together we can build a stronger, more inclusive earth family.


Indigenous Financial Literaracy

Activate & Elevate

Arts Education empowerment outreach

St. Alphonse de Cadet Primary School

Trou Chou Chou, Haiti

How you can help

Get involved. Small acts of kindness have big impact.

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