Alicia Fall


Founder/Vision Holder

Oversees all operations

Alicia Fall has been an educator, performing artists and public speaker for over 30 years, addressing humanitarian issues. Ms Fall is a TEDx Talk presenter, a recipient of the New York State Assembly Citation Award, sits on the board for the Coalition Against Global Genocide, Tiyospaye Winyan Maka and Boulder Valley Indigenous People's Day Organizing Committee, as a representative for Indigenous Peoples.

Melissa Ivey


Arts Education Director 

& Muscle

Develops and provides trainings and workshops for our Activate & Elevate arts program in the US and Haiti. Ms Ivey is an Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Vocalist, National Touring Artist, Certified NeuroSculpting Facilitator and Motivational Speaker, specializing in addressing the needs of refugee, low income and at risk students of all ages and abilities.

Tamara Cantave

Tamara Cantave_edited.jpg

Founder of Help Hayti

Interpreter and liaison for all Haiti projects

Ms Cantave is an educator. She has a BA in Psychology, has been a teacher in the NYC public school system and now teaches financial education to underserved populations. She is Haitian and is providing land for HMVF to use for hemp growth and business development. Her father and mentor, Montaigue Cantave, was Haiti's Minister of Agriculture. He worked closely with the UN, FAO and USAID, building tight relationships for many years, with Tamara in tow. Tamara Cantave is certainly a manifestation of her father's legacy.


Jacques "Emmanuel" Saint Laurent

Emmanuel St Laurent.png

 Haiti Projects Coordinator


Monsieur Saint Laurent wears many hats. He is our communications go between for HMVF and communities, as well as between communities themselves. He's a research and development team member and fills in as substitute teacher when needed. Emmanuel is a crucial team member in our hemp building project.

Jean "Nasson"

Ronel Dorce

Jean Nasson Ronel Dorce.jpg

 St. Alphonse de Cadet School Superintendent 

Monsieur Dorce is our charge for the school. He donated land for and manages the school garden, which provides food for the students and staff during school hours.


Nasson is a crucial team member in the hemp building project. We worked closely with Nasson in building community toilets in the past. He has offered to provide land again, for hemp crops.

Eric McKee


Hemp Consultant 


Eric McKee is a veteran and eco-entrepreneur specializing in hemp based solutions to combat global problems. 

A natural craftsman with a passion for the outdoors, Eric left the marines to work for many major brands in the ski snowboards industry It was here he discovered Industrial Hemp's disruptive potential in the plastic industry. Armed with a background in Industrial Design he went on to oversee the construction of the first permitted Hempcrete structure in Denver Colorado. This gained national attention and propelled Eric to the forefront of the industry. He took this success by spending time in Haiti’s Wynne Farm Ecological Nature Reserve demonstrating hemp's application for humanitarian purposes. 

Eric is the Founder and CEO of Wnder, a Colorado startup, who’s mission is to infuse sustainability and style with economic viability. A proud father of 2, he is determined to lead by example and connect with influencers from across the world.

Aicila Lewis


Organizational Strategist

(Aye-ee-sila) (she/her/hers) is a Director of Motivation, an Organizational Strategist for Dreamers and Underdogs, an Asker of Hard Questions, a Community Builder, and a prolific writer.

An unapologetic geek, she may be dressed as a Star Trek cos-playing Minion or a Portal test subject (complete with portal gun). Lewis is an Apocaloptimist; she knows that it may all go horribly wrong, but assumes that even the zombie apocalypse will have a bright-side.


A well-known Colorado Progressive Leadership Fellow, Lewis was named One of the 100 Women we Love by Go! Magazine in 2011 and awarded a Special Certificate of Congressional Recognition in 2013 for her community work.


Lewis is blessed to have two fantastic children and an extensive polycule to support her in her various hi jinx. 

Andrea Singer

Andrea Singer.jpg

Travel Specialist 


Andrea Singer grew up in rural upstate New York. She has worked with children of all ages on a variety of levels over the years. Educating and supporting others as they grow and gain independence has always been something she does naturally. For the past 10 plus years, Andrea has worked in the travel industry. She uses that expertise to assist & support HMV as they make their numerous trips from the states to Haiti.

Mandi Hamza


Software Developer

Mandi (she/her/hers) is a software developer in training with experience in -commerce marketing & sponsorship development. She is interested in the space where humans interact with technology.

She spends her time honing her craft  so she can empower women and girls with technical resources and education. In her life away from the keyboard she is a proud military wife, mother to an incredible daughter, and fur mom to Popcorn & Odie.


Our Board


Vanessa Blacknall-Jamison

Board President

Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) Board Chair Vanessa Blacknall-Jamison has over 39 years of professional aviation experience with 28 of those as a supervisor, manager and human resources specialist.


Currently, Vanessa is with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Flight Stands (AFS) Leadership Development Team–Leadership Coach (ACC) and Change Management Advisor (CMA).


Vanessa is a certified business coach responsible for coaching senior executives and managers as a CMA. Vanessa supports Change Management Practitioners on various project teams in integrating change management activities into their project plans.


She is a graduate of the FAA Nation Program for Emerging Leaders (PEL) and the Southwest Region LEAD Program (Leadership Enhancement and Development Program). She has served on OBAP’s Board of Directors as Vice Chair and board member since1990. Vanessa received honorary membership with OBAP for her years of service with the organization.

Vanessa continues to serve on other aviation-related organizations’ Board of Directors. She holds a M.B.A. – University of Phoenix and B.A. – University of Southern California. She is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.


She and her husband of 32 years, Tony Jamison, have two adult children, Mikiala and Anthony (Bryce). She is the proud grand-puppy-parent to ‘Red’ and ‘William.’ Vanessa makes her home in Aurora, Colorado.

Chief Lee

Plenty Wolf

Lee Plenty Wolf.jpg

Spiritual Advisor

Board Member

Chief Lee Plenty Wolf is a man of many dedications. He is Spiritual Leader and Chief of the Oglala Lakota from the Pine Ridge, South Dakota Reservation. He served as Spiritual leader at the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock Reservation, to help protect land, people, and resources. Lee is also Chief at the Plenty Wolf Sundance in Manderson, South Dakota and Spiritual advisor of the non-profit White Horse Creek Council. On top of being a U.S. Army Veteran, Chief Plenty Wolf is also drum keeper for the Plenty Wolf Singers and Special Events Manager of the Boulder Valley Indigenous Peoples Day Parade and Pow Wow.

Bonita Velez

Bonita Velez 2.jpg


Board Member

Bonita Velez is a born and raised New Yorker. She is a graduate of LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts and holds a Master of Fine Arts in dance.


As a dancer, Bonita spent most of her career with Joan Miller's Chamber Arts Ballet Company in the role of Principal and Assistant Artistic Director. She also worked and performed with Sheila Kaminsky and Dancers, Ballet de Puerto Rico, Rael Lamb, Eleo Pomare, Rod Rodgers and Chuck Davis.


For many years Bonita was an adjunct lecturer in the dance department of Lehman College of The City University of New York. She is a retired certified high school dance teacher for the New York Board of Education.

Gabriel Hicks

Gabe Hicks.jpg


Board Member

Gabriel Hicks has an extensive education history including a Bachelors in Business/Accounting, an MBA, a Masters of Accounting and Financial Management, and a graduate certificate in Information system Management. He currently works as the Chief Accounting Officer for Hick Accounting Service, Inc. where he has been providing tax, accounting, and consulting services to individuals and businesses over the past 9 years.


Gabriel is also a Professor at DeVry University where he has been since June 2012. In the past Gabriel held a position as a finance manager for the State of Colorado, and a Controller for an ambulance company. Other interest and hobbies of his includes football, and most of all spending time with his family.

Rev. Heidi 


Pastor Heidi.JPG

​​Spiritual Advisor

Board Member

The Reverend Heidi McGinness is an ordained Presbyterian Minister who served as Director of Outreach for Christian Solidarity International-USA 2004 - 2018. CSI-USA is a Christian Human Rights Organization that originated in Switzerland in 1978. CSI assists victims of jihad, war, and persecution. Sixteen trips since 2004 to war-torn Sudan with CSI have catapulted Pastor McGinness into becoming a modern-day abolitionist and passionate defender of the victims of slavery, genocide and persecution of ALL people.

In 2009 Pastor McGinness was inducted as a Franciscan Associate of the Dubuque Franciscans for her unwavering resolve to stand by the persecuted and poor. She was awarded the Herbert E. Manning, Jr. Award by the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary for Servant Leadership and Courageous Convictions in Christian Ministry. In 2010 Pastor McGinness was a recipient of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award and the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Business and Social Responsibility Award. In 2012 she received the Global Peacemaking Hero Award from Denver’s Center for Spiritual Living. In 2013 Pastor was honored by the South Sudanese Community Association of Colorado and in 2014 she was nominated for the CNN Hero Award.

Tamara Cantave

Tamara Cantave_edited.jpg

Haiti Projects Director

Financial Education Director

Ms Cantave is an educator. She has a BA in Psychology, has been a teacher in the NYC public school system and now teaches financial education to underserved populations. She is Haitian and is providing land for HMVF to use for hemp growth and business development. Her father and mentor, Montaigue Cantave, was Haiti's Minister of Agriculture. He worked closely with the UN, FAO and USAID, building tight relationships for many years, with Tamara in tow. Tamara Cantave is certainly a manifestation of her father's legacy.

Tommy Kaui Nahulu


Hawaiian/Asian Coordinator 

Board Member

Artist Tommy Nahulu is a native Hawaiian whose interests and passions revolve around his love and support for the planet and humanity.


Serving and protecting the homeless community, displaced women, and children, is of great significance to him, in large part due to his own personal experiences.


His years growing and harvesting hemp in Colorado have helped make him a knowledgeable and active member of the hemp community.

Chenoa Francis


Youth Coordinator

Board Member

Chenoa Francis belongs to the Dineh and Hopi tribes. She is 19 years old and an activist for Native rights. Born into an American Indian Movement (AIM) family, she grew up attending protests and marches. At a young age she began to watch the strong moms, sisters, aunties, grandmas, and daughters, which inspired her to become a hardworking, independent woman, like her role models. 


During High School she worked at Tocabe, the only Native American restaurant in Colorado, fine tuning roles of responsibility. Today she works full time as a spa manager.  


Chenoa has been a volunteer for Spirit of the Sun and Four Winds American Indian Council. She has actively attended events and gotten her hands dirty in the Indigenous garden. She has also spoken about many topics, including racism (We are not a mascot), Indigenous rights and everything in between. She has travelled extensively around Colorado as an invited guest speaker, visiting schools, conferences, and the Colorado State Capital on behalf of bettering our future for the next seven generations to come. 

When not working, Chenoa’s favorite activities to do are painting, art, fitness, education, and working with her community.