Her Many Voices Foundation (HMVF) is a small organization that does big things in the world. We started out as artists responding to humanitarian need. Now we're joined by global community members as well.

Our mission is to ignite the Artivist (Artist/Activist) in us all, in order to move our passions to purpose, for the betterment of women, children and our Mother Earth.

We aim to achieve our vision by uniting humanity through the arts. 


The "Her" makes reference to Mother Earth and the "Many Voices," to all of her children, which makes us all sisters and brothers.


Comprised of artists, activists and global community members, we operate from the belief,

"Whatever I do for another,

I do for myself. " 


We believe that women and children are the primary shapers of the future of our global community and we believe that providing vulnerable populations with education and resources to elevate themselves will uplift the community as a whole.


It is also critical to recognize that in order to address gender equality, to identify power imbalances for women as well as children and the imbalance of our Mother Earth, men are crucial in this equation. Men’s empowerment is as equally important as women's empowerment for vital sustainable development and the realization of human rights for all.